Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pondering the Triathlon

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I did a slow 2 miles on Wednesday, on a river trail by my house. After nursing tendonitis this summer, I'm just getting back into a running routine. My kids were with me on their bikes and we stopped near the end of the trail to skip rocks in the river. My ten-year-old just skipped a rock for the first time last week in the same spot, and he was eager to teach his sister.

In the distance, I saw a bunch of splashes and bright little dots in the water. After talking with a woman who emerged from the water before the rest of the group, I learned that they were from a local triathlon training club and met at this cove for their weekly training.

The kids were happily skipping rocks, so we talked about being a 40+ woman and training for running events and triathlons until it was nearly dark.

I've run 5Ks, 10Ks and half-marathons so I'm intrigued. I'm wondering if I could do this. I'm wondering if I WANT to do this. It seems to me that adding biking and swimming to a running routine is a great way to stay fit and minimize the injuries that seem to be inevitable with running long distances.

Have you trained for a triathlon? What was it like?

I'm not wanting to commit to anything this year, but I'd love to get a road bike and start with a weekly ride to supplement my running workouts. Is it possible to find a road bike that doesn't break the bank?

Is there a way to cover my pear-ish backside while I'm riding a road bike?


  1. I am a terrible swimmer so no triathaloning is in my future but I have ridden road bikes on and off for about 15 years. I say go for it. Go to a bike shop that has used bikes and talk to the shop people. Having a bike that fits you right is the difference between agony and ecstacy. There are used bikes that don't break the bank but you'll want a pro to help you figure that out. Also the proper seat and padded spandex bike shorts (pear-shaped backside and all) are important for the...ahem...lady parts. Your sit bones will thank you. It is possible to wear shorts or a little wrap skirt over bike shorts if you're super selfconscious but most women I know get over the spandex-butt issue pretty quickly. Also cycling jerseys are cut long in the back so they help cover your backside a bit when on the bike.

  2. This psot was very nice. Sad to say I dont know how to sswim :( I have a hydrophobia when I was push by my friend in a deep pool. Anyways I like your blog. Thank you for sharing.